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Educational concept

What is a master’s programme for working people?

This type of master’s degree course allows you to continue working while you study. This means that you can immediately incorporate what you learn on the course into your day job and put it to practical use.

Unlike other students you do not have to give up paid employment and so remain financially independent. Conventional study programmes often only leave time for part-time jobs or casual work. Students in those programmes may gain considerable theoretical knowledge, but their practical experience is relatively thin.

The study and exam requirements of this programme support your knowledge transfer. This is demonstrated particularly clearly by the concept of project-based learning. These requirements include actively concerning yourself with project developments and practical questions and reflecting on your own professional work.

The master’s degree programme is an opportunity to upgrade your qualifications.

It is aimed at people who have completed a university degree (Bachelor’s degree with 180 ECTS) from a recognised university and now wish to obtain a master’s degree in a short space of time.

The Fast Track programme lasts 18 months and contains the essential scientific-academic aspects that are necessary for a master’s degree. That said, the focus is on increasing competence and transferring skills and knowledge to your working life.

Structure and form of our master’s degree course for working people

Study programmes for working people can have one of several formats. We offer the innovative blended learning format.

For much of the time you study on your own in a virtual learning environment on our learning platform and work on the instructional scripts, materials and exercises. In forums and virtual classrooms (webinars) you talk to your fellow students and lecturers. The application-oriented on-site seminars generally take place at weekends.

The modules have a practical orientation and are structured as consecutive units. You always work on only one project or topic at a time and do not begin the next module until you have passed the exam in the current one. In this way we guarantee you the best possible focus and a sharp learning curve.

Functions and instructional elements of the learning platform:

  • Virtual seminars and meetings, also known as virtual classrooms or webinars: expert input from lecturers, exchange among the students etc.
  • Scripts, correspondence lessons and preparatory papers: lecture transcripts, excerpts from the relevant literature
  • Interactive learning apps and video tutorials
  • Presentations and slide sets
  • Exercises, assignments and tests to assess your knowledge and targets at the end of a session
  • Learning journals
  • Forums and chats
  • Feedback tools for lecturers
  • Online consultations and online supervision
  • Bilingual study material (part of the scripts)
  • Access to online libraries and scientific databases

Your personal added value – the combination of theory and practice

With a master’s degree you not only expand your qualification profile, but also further your career. In addition, you familiarise yourself with scientific research and theoretical perspectives in the course of your studies. You learn an analytical way of working and improve your skills in applying both scientific and practical methods.

Businesses judge study programmes for working people very favourably

Companies and businesses are keen to recruit graduates of study programmes for people in employment. During your studies you have shown that you can cope well with juggling these two responsibilities. That proves that you are industrious, can cope with pressure and organise your time well. Determination and discipline are distinguishing characteristics of students who study while working. Moreover, many company executives consider graduates to be loyal employees who often spend many years at one company.

The practical experience you gained before your studies and during the course means that you are already a sought-after specialist. The degree will increase your market value still further and improve your career prospects. After your studies, many steps up the career ladder are open to you!