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International Tourism Academy for advanced studies

The world is your oyster!

No other branch offers such a diverse range of jobs as the tourism and leisure industry.

Your degree qualifies you to perform high-level and responsible functions in the hotel and leisure industry and to take on management positions: the entire spectrum of professional fields in tourism is available to you:

  • Hotel management (reception, sales, marketing, financial controlling etc.)
  • Management in the restaurant, catering and food & beverage sectors
  • Tourism management
  • Transportation companies, incoming agencies and tour operators (product development, marketing, purchasing & sales etc.)
  • Airlines and cruise companies
  • Tourism organisations and offices
  • Event and congress tourism

Tourism and hotel managers with academic qualifications can perform management duties in hotels and in any organisation performing tourism-related activities.

What are the future prospects for tourism and hotel managers?

In the international marketplace the tourism and hotel branch is constantly growing. More and more companies are drawing on the expertise of highly trained tourism and/or hotel managers. So as a tourism and hotel manager your career prospects could not be better: some companies will even approach you while you are still studying to try to recruit you.

Starting a new job after graduation generally presents no difficulties. Your profession provides challenging management duties and excellent promotion prospects. The tourism and hotel branch offers secure employment in the long term and is a growth industry.