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International Tourism Academy for advanced studies

Postgraduate Studies (MSc)

Master of Science (MSc)
in Leadership and Strategic Management
Language of tuition:
English or German
Main fields of study:
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Development of leadership skills
  • Human resource management
  • Innovation management
  • Change management
Educational concept:
Blended learning format for working people:
  • Online course with e-learning and webinars 
on our learning platform
  • Application-oriented on-site phases
 (generally at weekends)
Programme duration:
2 semesters
Total credits:
90 internationally recognised ECTS
The Triagon Academy Ltd. is an accredited tertiary educational institution with the right to award doctorates in Malta (www.triagon.mt)
€7,480 incl. enrolment and tuition fees payable in 12 monthly instalments – tax deductible
Postgraduate degree:
at Triagon Academy Ltd.
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)