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Degree & qualifications

A bachelor’s degree course for working people is an investment in your future!
If you are already in employment and are looking to upgrade your academic qualifications, we make that possible.

There are many different reasons for taking a degree course while continuing to work:

  • You already have experience in your branch and would like to build on your practical knowledge and professional experience
  • You started work before beginning any studies but would now like to obtain an academic title
  • You would like to upgrade your qualifications or specialise in your particular field
  • You want to improve your promotion prospects by obtaining an academic title
  • You want to add knowledge of theory and research to your practical knowledge
  • You are aiming for a postgraduate qualification (master’s or doctorate)

You can immediately follow your bachelor’s degree with the postgraduate Master of Science (MSc) in Leadership and Strategic Management – again while continuing to work and again in only one year! This gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge of management and market development. A master’s degree significantly increases your chances of landing a management position.