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International Tourism Academy for advanced studies


Application documents

Your application documents include the following certificates and credentials:

  • Completed and signed study contract
  • Highest-level secondary or tertiary graduation certificate
  • Certificate of citizenship, passport or ID card
  • Certification of at least level B2 English proficiency
  • Certification of at least level C1 German proficiency
  • Personal statement and CV
  • For non-EU nationals: visa and proof of appropriate insurance cover

Admission requirements

  • Graduation from a tourism college in Austria
  • Aged at least 20 when the course starts
  • Level B2 English
  • Level C1 German

Once the requisite application documents have been received the acceptance procedure begins with scrutiny of the documents submitted and ends with an interview. It is the TRIAGON Academy, in consultation with a committee of the International Tourism Academy for Advanced Studies, that decides whether a candidate is accepted or not.

Application procedure and deadlines

When you apply to join the programme (online enrolment) and if you meet all the admission requirements, we guarantee you a place on the course!

Deadline for application:​ 30/09/2024
Start of the course:​​ 15/10/2024


Enrolment fee: ​€290.00
Examination fee: ​ €290.00
Course fees: ​€7,560.00
(payable in 18 monthly instalments of €420.00)

Total fees: ​€8,140.00

If your studies take longer, additional costs may arise.

Do you have any other questions
about applications?

Simply get in touch with our course administrator Simona Achatz at:

E-mail: office@ita.acPhone: +43 2664/819 2614